Elegies is an ongoing series of walks from the birthplaces of poets to the sites where they died, with each walk documented by photographs taken at regular intervals, the number of images corresponding to the number of years a poet lived. The first three walks, for Miguel Hernández (31), Federico García Lorca (38), and Friedrich Hölderlin (73), were finished in August 2017.

The series is black-and-white, printed on 11" x 8.5", in an edition of three (+ one AP) on premium Hahnemuhle archival paper. To lend the project a spirit of camaraderie and to raise funds for the trip, individual prints can be purchased before the walk. They're available for whatever price supporters would like to pay – no amount is too small (because I've been asked, I'll say that $10 will cover printing and mailing costs) and if you prefer trade to money, I'm happy to exchange for prints or books. Photographs will be assigned in chronological order,  so the first person to get in touch will to pick first, etcetera. If you'd like more than one print, enter the amount in the field above the button. Once you click it, there will be another place where a dollar amount can be entered.

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