Around Mountains is a collection of photographs taken during circumambulations of mountains that have been the subjects of poems. This project aims to lyrically document landscapes, to place photography and poetry in conversation, and to critique conquering. The first, foundational part of the project takes as its subject Mount Rainier, where I worked as a park ranger for two years after college and where I started my life as a poet, and it's a meditation on the many years I've since spent captivated by the art which has been called everything from "the deification of reality" to "a destructive force." Traveling the 100-mile Wonderland Trail that encircles the mountain will take about 40 hiking hours, roughly a week. I also hope to eventually document trips around Scafell Pike (which Dorothy Wordsworth wrote about ascending in 1818), Mont Blanc (subject of Percy Bysshe Shelley's eponymous ode), Mount Fuji (which Kusano Shinpei came back to time and time again), Jing Ting Mountain (subject of more than a thousand poems), and elsewhere.